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ICISS 2017

Cities throughout the world are facing the same challenges in the forms of overpopulating, traffic congestion, power shortage, environmental issues, and various other issues as well. Smart city solution is currently becoming a trend to provide solutions for these city-related problems. As the cities of the world are improving their quality and capacity through the implementation of smart city concept, so do the municipalities of Indonesia. With the number or cities and regencies reaching more than 500, Indonesia has a lot to achieve through the implementation of Smart City in solving their various problems and improving the capacities of their municipalities. For that purpose, every input and solution concerned with solving city-related problems are viewed as highly valuable.

International Conference on ICT for Smart Society 2017 (ICISS 2017) is a conference with a purpose of gathering various international stakeholders from academic circles, professionals, government, and communities stakeholder to discuss and share their experience regarding Smart City implementation. We expect meaningful recommendations for the quality improvement of city life shall be gained from this opportunity.

This International Conference on ICT for Smart Society 2017 (ICISS 2017) will be held for two days. The first day of the event will be scheduled with conference and discussions about the latest development and implementation of smart city-related issues and technology, hosted by various stakeholders. For this opportunity, we have invited several prominent keynote speakers with competence and related expertise on smart city development from throughout the world. Second day of the event will be scheduled with the presentations from participating professionals and academicians regarding smart city-related research.

This conference will be honored by the presence and presentation of several prominent speakers from corresponding government institution, professionals, academicians, and other related stakeholders from throughout the world such as Indonesia, Japan, Netherland, and other countries.

CITSM 2017 PeGI in Practice: The E-Government Assessment in National Library of Indonesia

Authors: Dana Indra Sensuse,Abrar Nasbey, Nordianto, Retno Dewiyanti, Rio Novira, M Fadhil Dzulfikar

Speakers: M Fadhil Dzulfikar

The commitment of National Library of Indonesia (NLI) as a Non-Ministry Government Institution (NMGI) in utilizing information technology can be seen from one of the organization’s mission that is developing a diversification of library service based on ICT (Information and Communication Technology). In carrying out this mission, the entire library services implement the information technology optimally through e-Government services. To measure the implementation of e-Government at NLI, the assessment has been conducted by using Indonesia e-Government Ranking (PeGI). PeGI assessment in the National Library of Indonesia has been implemented and published in 2013 and 2014. However, in 2015 and 2016 PeGI assessment has not been implemented. Therefore, it is important to analyze and evaluate e-Government implementation in the National Library in 2016. There are five (5) dimensions to be assessed in PeGI, including policy, institutional, infrastructure, application, and planning. Data was obtained by interviews, collecting the supporting documents with a qualitative approach and descriptive data analysis. The result indicates that the e-Government implementation in NLI overall is in the good category, and there are increasement from 2013 to 2016 assessment. However, there are two (2) dimensions under the average score, i.e., policy and institutional dimensions. NLI is expected to make a better improvement and development of e-Government implementation.

eG&B researchers presenting paper in ICEMIT 2016

The 2016 2nd International Conference on Engineering Management and Industrial Technology (ICEMIT) is international conference organized by colaboration between Del Institute of Technology together with Malaysia Technical Scientist Association (MALTESAS). The main research field of ICEMIT is focused on Engineering Management and Industrial Technology.

In ICEMIT, eG&B researchers, Miss. Raisiffah, Mr. Deki and Ms. Fitroh, delivered presentation about their research findings about e-Hajj implementation in Indonesia. The paper titled Propose of Critical Success Factors for e-Hajj Implementation in Indonesia has been successfully presented on ICEMIT in Niagara Hotel Parapat, North Sumatera, Indonesia.

Traditional Knowledge Research Paper in ICITEE 2016

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada conducted international conference named The 8th 2016 International Conference on Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ICITEE). The topics of this conference divided into six main topics, including  Information Technology, Signal Processing & Machine Intelligence, Communication Technology, Electronics, Circuits, And Systems, Power System, and Control Systems.

In this time, e-Government & e-Business Research Lab sent their delegation, Mr. Handrie, to present paper about traditional knowledge.  Mr. Handrie presented his paper and other 98 accepted papers on 5-6 October 2016 in East Parc Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In this year, ICITEE 2016 received 189 submissions with acceptance rate of 52.4%.

Four delegations from eG&B Lab joined ICITSI 2016

International Conference on Information Technology Systems and Innovation (or ICITSI in short) is international conference held by School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Institut Teknologi Bandung. The topics of this conferences covered Information Technology Management and Governance, Information Management and Governance, Service System Management and Engineering, Computer Networks and Future Internet, Information Security, IT Business and Innovation, Cyber Society and Law, Research Methodology in Information Technology System and Innovation, Digital Media, Game and Learning Technologies.

e-Government and e-Business Research Lab sent their delegations to present the accepted research papers in ICITSI 2016. The delegations are Ms. Elin Cahyaningsih, Mr. Handrie Noprisson, Mr. Nuralamsah Zulkarnaim, and Miss. Wina Permana Sari. This conference is held on 24 Oct – 27 Oct 2016 in Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

Member of eG&B Lab attending conference named SCOReD 2016

The IEEE Student Conference on Research and Development (or SCOReD for short) is international conference that focused current research from students, students, post-doc fellows and research associates in higher educational institutions. Various research topics is accepted to this conference, including electronics, electrical, and communication engineering, biosensing, materials, renewable energy, professional engineering ethics, and mechatronics. The first SCORed has been successfully held in 2001, then in 2016, SCOReD will be conducted by IEEE Malaysia Section and IEEE International Islamic University Malaysia in Malaysia.

After passing review process, there are five research papers from eGB-Lab that has been accepted in SCOReD. The accepted papers will be presented by Mr. Erzi Hidayat, Ms. Elin Cahyaningsih, Miss. Wina Permana Sari, and Miss. Rahmi Imanda. The title of research papers are listed below:

  • The Welfare Classification of Indonesian National Civil Servant Using TOPSIS and K-Nearest Neighbour (KNN) (presented by Miss. Wina)
  • Knowledge Management Strategy of Government Human Capital Management (presented by Ms. Elin)
  • A Preliminary Study of Knowledge Management Implementation for Government Human Capital Management (presented by Ms. Elin)
  • Development of Mobile Application for Documenting Traditional Knowledge in Indonesia (presented by Mr. Erzi)
  • Definition of e-Hajj in Indonesia Using Hermeneutic Approach (presented by Miss. Rahmi)

The presented research papers will be indexed in IEEE Xplore digital library ISBN 978-1-5090-2948-8 and Scopus. At the end, this achievement will increase the number of publications from University of Indonesia, especially e-Goverment and e-Business Research Lab, in IEEE Xplore and Scopus database. [hdr]