e-Government & e-Business Research Lab is one of research labs in Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia that collaborates and combines skills and knowledge about information technology, information system and computer science to conduct research about technology utilization in government and business sector.

Research topics:

  1. Infrastruktur, Layanan, Kebijakan e-Government & e-Business (Infrastructure, Service and Policy for e-Government & e-Business)
  2. Sistem Terintegrasi (Integrated System)
  3. Arsitektur Keamanan dan Jaringan (Network and Security Architecture)
  4. Rekayasa Data dan Pengetahuan (Data and Knowledge Engineering)
  5. Interaksi Manusia dan Komputer (Human Computer Interaction)
  6. Pemodelan Proses Bisnis (Business Process Modeling)
  7. Manajemen Pengetahuan (Knowledge Management)
  8. Perencanaan Enterprise Architecture (Enterprise Architecture Planning