ICISS 2017

Cities throughout the world are facing the same challenges in the forms of overpopulating, traffic congestion, power shortage, environmental issues, and various other issues as well. Smart city solution is currently becoming a trend to provide solutions for these city-related problems. As the cities of the world are improving their quality and capacity through the implementation of smart city concept, so do the municipalities of Indonesia. With the number or cities and regencies reaching more than 500, Indonesia has a lot to achieve through the implementation of Smart City in solving their various problems and improving the capacities of their municipalities. For that purpose, every input and solution concerned with solving city-related problems are viewed as highly valuable.

International Conference on ICT for Smart Society 2017 (ICISS 2017) is a conference with a purpose of gathering various international stakeholders from academic circles, professionals, government, and communities stakeholder to discuss and share their experience regarding Smart City implementation. We expect meaningful recommendations for the quality improvement of city life shall be gained from this opportunity.

This International Conference on ICT for Smart Society 2017 (ICISS 2017) will be held for two days. The first day of the event will be scheduled with conference and discussions about the latest development and implementation of smart city-related issues and technology, hosted by various stakeholders. For this opportunity, we have invited several prominent keynote speakers with competence and related expertise on smart city development from throughout the world. Second day of the event will be scheduled with the presentations from participating professionals and academicians regarding smart city-related research.

This conference will be honored by the presence and presentation of several prominent speakers from corresponding government institution, professionals, academicians, and other related stakeholders from throughout the world such as Indonesia, Japan, Netherland, and other countries.

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